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Active Builders Pvt. Ltd. is an engineering based construction company emerged with an aim to serve the civil society through the engineering based approach. Active Builders was initially established with the involvement of professional Engineers, Interior Designers, Architects, Managers, Supervisor, Contractors and different people related to engineering science, interior designing, management, environment, sociology etc. 

Expertise in civil construction and interior works has been the major factor in the success of Our Builders Company. We have both technical and managerial experts. The experts allow the ability and the flexibility to undertake any type of civil construction and interior work at short notice

Active builders have the technical capability to carry out the broad range of civil construction works and interior designing/ finishing work. It has the ability to take up turnkey projects including those that have to be initiated right from the design phases. The major projects completed by the company are listed in Appendix II. 

At present, Active Builders is involved in construction work as well as it is in combination with consultant office NAKSA DESIGN AND CONSULTANT PVT LTD. 


Completed Projects

Latest Projects

Construction of Residential Building (Metal and RCC and Prefab Structure)

Interior Designing and execution of Office and Restaurant & Bar

Metal Decking Work

Design of the Civil-Engineering RCC structures with best quality

Our start to finish solutions
  • Execute the Metal Structure as well as Prefab Buildings. 
  • Interior works. 
  • Supervision of the construction site as per the requirement. 
  • Contract for the construction of all the Civil-Engineering Projects. 
  • Surveying work for any Structural works. 
  • Estimation of the different civil engineering structures like buildings, roads, bridge etc. 
  • Planning of the Civil-Engineering Projects. 
  • Survey and execute on the road and its related structures. 
  • Estimation and valuation of the property of the required firm/individual for the mortgage at various Banks and Financial Institution. 
  • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA & IEE) of various types of developmental works. 

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Changing the construction industry

Active builders have the technical capability to carry out the broad range of civil construction works and interior designing/ finishing work. It has the ability to take up turnkey projects including those that have to be initiated right from the design phases

We perform post-construction

Post-Construction include issues resolution, seasonal testing, delivery of the Final Commissioning Report, performing a post-occupancy review with the Customer Agency and developing a plan for recommissioning the facility throughout its life cycle.

Being the Active Builders, Building the Future

Knowledgeable professionals

Building construction requires many workers and many trades.  From the perspective of realising a project, a we as a project team needs to make sure that project will be constructed successfully. In the modern industrialised world, construction usually involves the translation paper or computer based designs into reality. A formal design team may be assembled to plan the physical proceedings, and to integrate those proceedings with the other parts. The design usually consists of drawing and specifications, usually prepared by a design team including architects, interior designers, surveyors, civil engineers, quantity surveyors, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers and structural

engineers.  The design team is most and commonly employed by the property owner. These construction management professionals deal with time, money, equipment, technology, people and materials in managing a construction project. They organize these resources into activities, execute the activities in logical sequences and manage to complete the projects within the stipulated time and budget. They will also have to manage the construction process to

meet the needs to clients with legal, cost and environmental constraints.

Pre-Construction and Planning

Working in collaboration with us “Active Builder”, we provide insight on innovative and creative construction methods and materials to ensure our clients receive a high-performance facility that maximizes return on investment.

The scope of pre-construction services should be tailored to your needs and goals depending on considerations including project specifics, construction delivery method, and design phase. The Pre-Construction Team of Active Builders offers services including:

  • Detailed Plan & Specification Review
  • Phased Budget Estimates & Value-Engineering Recommendations
  • Structural & Systems Construction Means & Methods Analysis
  • Pre-Construction Scheduling, Logistics, & Sequencing
  • Quality Control & Quality Assurance Set-Up
  • Risk Assessment & Safety Planning
  • Development of Inclusion Strategies
  • Bid Package & Work Scope Development
  • Sub-Contractor Prequalification & Bid Advertisement/Promotion
  • LEED Analysis & Point Evaluation

Client Testimonials

मैले घर निर्माण को दौरान Active Builders bata Jun अपेक्षा राखेको थिए त्यो भन्दा धेरै नै पाए। घरधनी तथा कामदार बीचको आत्मीयता ,कामदार र Builders बीच को professional लगनसिलता , उच्च गुणस्तर को समान को प्रयोग अनि मितव्ययी घर निर्माण ले हामी सन्तुष्ट छौ। भविष्यमा हुने निर्माण कार्यमा पनि हामी Active Builders लाई नै सम्झन्छौ ।


The team of Active Builders is very convenient to work with. They were extremly supportive and professional during the whole period of construction.


The team was very quick to determine the exact structure I wanted for my office. The communication between us was very smooth. They also helped me with the interior improvements of my office.


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